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Somerset Open Mic Nights

Event List
Event List


Ritz Acoustic Club, Burnham on Sea
Every Thursday
Next event: 8:00pm 03 Sep 2015
24 Victoria Street, Burnham on Sea, TA8 1AN
The Griffin, Frome
Second Thursday of each month
Next event: 8:00pm 10 Sep 2015
25 Milk Street, Frome, BA11 3DB
The Nog Inn, Wincanton
Second Thursday of each month
Next event: 9:00pm 10 Sep 2015
South Street, Wincanton, BA9 9DL


Frogmary Green Farm, South Petherton
Third Friday of each month
Next event: 8:00pm 18 Sep 2015
West Street, South Petherton, TA13 5DJ


Wellington Acoustic Music Club at Wellington Arts Centre, Wellington
Third Saturday of each month
Next event: 8:30pm 19 Sep 2015
Eight Ecre Lane, Wellington, TA21 8PS
Phelips Arms Open Mic at The Phelips Arms, Montacute
First Saturday of each month
Next event: 8:00pm 05 Sep 2015
The Borough, Montacute, TA15 6XB


The Brit Bar, Weston Super Mare
Every Sunday
Next event: 7:00pm 06 Sep 2015
118 High Street, Weston Super Mare, BS23 1HP


Oh dear! No events on a Monday :(


The Esplanade Club‎, Watchet
First Tuesday of each month
Next event: 8:00pm 06 Oct 2015
5 The Esplanade, Watchet, TA23 0AJ


The Full Moon, Wells
First Wednesday of each month and Third Wednesday of each month
Next event: 8:00pm 16 Sep 2015
42 Southover, Wells, BA5 1UH
The Coopers Arms, Highbridge
First Wednesday of each month
Next event: 8:00pm 07 Oct 2015
24 Market Street, Highbridge, TA9 3BT

Performance Medium Colour Key

  • Electro Acoustic
  • Poetry
  • Electronica/Synth
  • Rock/Punk/Metal
  • Comedy
  • Hip-Hop/Beatbox
  • Open Deck
  • Open Reel (Video)
  • Magic
  • Improvisational Theatre
{"rootLocation":null,"arrEvents":[{"lat":"51.1821","lon":"-3.32962","title":"The Esplanade Club\u00e2\u20ac\u017d, Watchet","occurrenceDescription":"First Tuesday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Watchet\/The-Esplanade-Club\u00e2\u20ac\u017d-5-The-Esplanade-TA23-0AJ"},{"lat":"51.2385","lon":"-2.99753","title":"Ritz Acoustic Club, Burnham on Sea","occurrenceDescription":"Every Thursday","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Burnham-on-Sea\/Ritz-Acoustic-Club-24-Victoria-Street-TA8-1AN"},{"lat":"51.2341","lon":"-2.32542","title":"The Griffin, Frome","occurrenceDescription":"Second Thursday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Frome\/The-Griffin-25-Milk-Street-BA11-3DB"},{"lat":"51.0553","lon":"-2.41083","title":"The Nog Inn, Wincanton","occurrenceDescription":"Second Thursday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Wincanton\/The-Nog-Inn-South-Street-BA9-9DL"},{"lat":"50.9747","lon":"-3.22619","title":"Wellington Acoustic Music Club at Wellington Arts Centre, Wellington","occurrenceDescription":"Third Saturday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Wellington\/Wellington-Acoustic-Music-Club-at-Wellington-Arts-Centre-Eight-Ecre-Lane-TA21-8PS"},{"lat":"50.9494","lon":"-2.71553","title":"Phelips Arms Open Mic at The Phelips Arms, Montacute","occurrenceDescription":"First Saturday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Montacute\/Phelips-Arms-Open-Mic-at-The-Phelips-Arms-The-Borough-TA15-6XB"},{"lat":"51.219","lon":"-2.97415","title":"The Coopers Arms, Highbridge","occurrenceDescription":"First Wednesday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Highbridge\/The-Coopers-Arms-24-Market-Street-TA9-3BT"},{"lat":"51.3508","lon":"-2.97894","title":"The Brit Bar, Weston Super Mare","occurrenceDescription":"Every Sunday","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Weston-Super-Mare\/The-Brit-Bar-118-High-Street-BS23-1HP"},{"lat":"51.2051","lon":"-2.64955","title":"The Full Moon, Wells","occurrenceDescription":"First Wednesday of each month and Third Wednesday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/Wells\/The-Full-Moon-42-Southover-BA5-1UH"},{"lat":"50.9446","lon":"-2.81575","title":"Frogmary Green Farm, South Petherton","occurrenceDescription":"Third Friday of each month","url":"\/England\/Somerset\/South-Petherton\/Frogmary-Green-Farm-West-Street-TA13-5DJ"}],"radiusMiles":10}